Trans-Karoo MTB | Welcome to the Trans-Karoo MTB
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Welcome to the Trans-Karoo MTB

Trans-Karoo fun

Welcome to the Trans-Karoo MTB

Over the last 5 years the event has built a solid reputation for a ‘bucket list’ event; a tough one-day endurance mountain biking challenge aimed at experienced riders that tests both physical and mental fitness.

To pedal 247 km off-road within 17 hours is not an easy task in anyone’s books, and the popularity of the race is increased by the fact that entries are limited to 500 due to the sensitive eco-systems that the race traverses.

The event alternates annually between an ‘up’ ride (Ceres to Sutherland) and a ‘down’ ride (Sutherland to Ceres). In 2018, the Trans-Karoo MTB will start at Kaleo Manor outside Ceres and finish in Sutherland.