Trans-Karoo MTB | Event Rules
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Event Rules

Event Rules



No person shall participate in the Trans-Karoo MTB unless such person has trained adequately for such an endurance event, as might be expected of a prudent person entering a similar competition, and is in excellent health, based on recent training, physical examinations, if any, and generally accepted standards of good health.


All participants/ teams must enter through the approved entry channels for the event and it is their responsibility to ensure that they register and receive the correct entry pack at registration.


The event is open to all male and female athletes over the age of 18 years  as at 01 January 2018 in the individual and/or team categories.


All participants acknowledge that they will abide by the event rules.


The organisers have the right to cancel or refuse any person’s entry, with the appropriate refunds being actioned within 14 working days of the cancellation, should it be required. REFUNDED ENTRY FEES ARE SUBJECT TO A 15% PENALTY and will be considered at the discretion of the race organisers if supported by proof of a valid reason.


The event will take place regardless of bad weather and will only be cancelled, rerouted or stopped on instruction of the event Safety Officer and Route Director.


No participant shall give any other person their race number or timing device to use in their stead.


Participants shall not use offensive language or make offensive, indecent or inappropriate comments (whether in person or on social media) and/or gestures whatsoever and acknowledge that the use thereof could lead to the participant’s disqualification.


No participant shall dispose of any litter along any of the routes except in clearly identified waste bins at Check points.


All participants shall complete the course under their own effort and may only receive assistance from accredited supporters in the designated areas. Participants will be disqualified for drafting behind, or accepting assistance from any vehicle found on the route.



The event is open to individual and team participants as per the regulations as defined by the event organisers.


Individuals and teams are required to complete the course before the specified cut-off time.


No athlete may make use of any music system, e.g. MP3, two-way radio or cellular phone, while participating. (Please note there is no cell-phone reception along most of the route.)


Participants must display their race number and frame number, where applicable, clearly for the duration of their participation in the event.


Participants are allowed service from their support crews at Check Point 1 and Check Point 3 only and no support vehicles are allowed on the route. (support crews to follow the alternate supporters’ routes.)


All participants must cover the prescribed route in its entirety.  It is each participant’s responsibility to know the entire course as directional marking is kept to the minimum.


Participants in the event consent to the use of all photographic or video material pertaining to their participation in the event.



Riders who wish to enter as a team must stay together at all times, with a maximum of 50m distance between team members. Should a team member withdraw, the remaining member may continue after informing the relevant check point manager of the withdrawal of the relevant member. Failure to inform the race management of the withdrawal of a team member will result in the team as such being disqualified.



2018 Prize Fund to be confirmed.  The awarding of the Prize Fund will be based on results from the official timekeepers of the Trans Karoo. The Prize Fund will be awarded less any deductions required in respect of levies.



All participants are required to carry the following safety equipment with them at all times:

  • Helmet (No Helmet, No Ride!)
  • Puncture kit and spare tube
  • Cycling jacket/wind-breaker
  • Basic first-aid kit
  • Space blanket
  • Whistle


All participants will be required to have access to the following lights and must plan their ride in order to ensure they are collected before sunset:

  • Head Light with spare batteries (if not rechargeable type)
  • Tail Light with spare batteries (if not rechargeable type)

All participants found riding the route after sunset without the required lights will be removed from the route for their own safety.


Participants are to stop and report (check in) at all check points along the route and receive a check-point sticker. Failure to arrive at the finish without all the check point stickers may result in disqualification.


No tri-bars are allowed.


All bicycles must be in good working order and the safety equipment must have been thoroughly checked by the rider.




Participants will be required to complete the event on the bicycle they start with in order to record an official finish.


No motorized equipment will be allowed and every person may only cycle or walk a human-powered bicycle.


All participants will be expected to participate with care and respect for other athletes and the environment.


Participants must obey the instructions of event marshals and traffic officials at all times.


Athletes under the influence of alcohol, any drug or medication will not be allowed to participate and may be subject to prosecution by the event organisers.


Medical or emergency evacuation costs, incurred by the Organisers, on behalf of a participant will be to the account of the participant involved