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EVENT INFORMATION Start/Finish Start NG Kerk, Main Road, Sutherland Date 2 September 2017 Start Time 07h00 Finish Kaleo Guest Farm, Ceres Cut Off Time 24h00 Race Information Format One Day Endurance Mountain Bike Event Distance 247km Participation Individual           Men | Ladies          2 Rider Team                For those that are brave.....gravel bikes will be allowed Check Points and Cut-off Times Start NG Kerk                     0km         07h00 Check Point 1 Top Ouberg Pass         46km         10h00 Check Point 2 Zeekooigat         97km          13h00 (Spectator Point) Check Point 3 Bizaansgat                    147km          16h00 Check Point 4 Intersection R355/R356       196km          20h00 (Spectator Point)                      Finish Kaleo Guest Farm       247km          24h00 Race Registration Race Registration Function Date 29 August 2017 Venue Cape Union Mart Adventure Centre Canal Walk Time 17h30 - 18h30 Late Registration and Check Point Box Hand In Date Friday 01 September 2017 Venue NG Kerk Hall, Main Road, Sutherland Time 18h00 - 20h00 Safety Equipment and Lights All participants are required to carry the following safety equipment with them at all times:           Helmet (No Helmet. No Ride)           Puncture kit and spare tube           Cycling Jacket/wind-breaker           Basic First Aid Kit           Space Blanket           Whistle           Cellular phone (Reception may be restricted in certain                                       areas)           All participants will be required to have access to the following lights and must plan their ride in order to ensure they are collected before sunset.           Head Light with spare batteries (if not rechargeable)           Tail Light with spare batteries (if not rechargeable) Any participant found riding after sunset without the required lights will be removed from the route for their own safety. Check Point Boxes All participants are entitled to two complimentary check point boxes, one for Check Point 2 and one for Check Point 4, which will be delivered and collected by the race organisation. Please work out at what Check Point you may need your lights (or keep your lights with you for the entire ride) as you may well be removed from the route for riding without sufficient lights. Please take careful note of the following important information           Boxes can be collected from either of the registration           venues.        Boxes must be handed back to the race organisation at the Sutherland registration venue, or before 06h00 on   Saturday 2 September 2017 at the Sutherland start line. The box delivery vehicle will be departing from the start venue at 06h15 sharp. No liquids may be placed in the boxes. All boxes will be delivered to the Kaleo finish venue in Ceres after the last rider clears Check Point 4. Participants must please ensure that they collect them from there.           DON’T PLAN TO HAND YOUR BOXES IN AT THE LAST MINUTE AS YOU MAY JUST MISS THE TRUCK AND THEN RUN THE RISK OF NOT HAVING SUPPORT ALONG THE WAY. Support Vehicles Each solo participant or team may have a vehicle that provides backup services at the two specified service points along the route (Check Point 2 and Check Point 4) Service vehicles must follow the prescribed alternate routes and may not under any circumstances, drive on the actual event route. Any individual or team found to be receiving support from their support vehicle outside of the designated areas will be disqualified.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE GARAGE/FUEL PUMPS IN SUTHERLAND CLOSE AT 17H30 ON FRIDAY SO PLEASE TIME YOUR ARRIVAL ACCORDINGLY. THE PUMPS RE-OPEN AGAIN ON SATURDAY AT 08H00
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